Monday, February 15, 2010

what will you do?

I am confused. Should i let the matter rest or should i continue to find out knowing that it would hurt people i love?
I am curious but yet i dont want to malign others =S

Hilda is sad

Sunday, February 14, 2010

CNY day 1

OMG!!! i slept like super alot during the day and when my relatives came to visit i didnt know >.<
Thats like quite bad!! hahahaha

Went to my maternal granny side and had long talks with my cousin! He is gg into army soon =DD
i guess it would be funny to see him bald AGAIN!!! hahaaha

I miss my cousins whom i would be seeing tmr =DDD Can't wait!!


Friday, February 12, 2010


It's CNY to the outside people but to us it is exam period =((
I cant wait for exams to be over and shoosh i would be off for my holidays!!
Should be going China again!! Yeappy! i can experience winter and wear boots!!! hahahaha
**dreaming of what i can do in China**mode

I am missing my cows now!! i hope that are missing me too =DD
They are special people who always never fail to make my day when i am out with them!
dear cows, if you ever get to read this i hope our friendship would not end on the day of 17th comm AGM. I will miss you guys to the max and i cant imagine now what i would do when the my service term ends. I guess i just cant bring myself forward to imagine =X
Getting nostalgic here!

Thanks Huiting for being so sweet! ( making my share of pineapple tarts) awwwww....

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Maybe i should start running or swimming and shed some fats away from my tummy eh?!

Happy things:
I just receive a new camera!!! heheheeh
Thanks for the prezzie

Bored things:
I dont feel like starting my project or start doing my uncompleted assignments but i am bored and i dont know what to do seh~~


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Brand new start

Brand new start!!!
haissss...i dont know what to wear for the event.
someone tell me what people wear in their 60's and it has to be black and white?

so hard to dress...Irene can you help me??~~